Once a service user selects Woodlands and the service user is going to be privately funded, they will be provided with a contract which defines the terms and conditions of our service.

This contract sets out:

  • Room to be occupied
  • Services – including food – provided from the fee.
  • Fee payable and by whom together with the scheduled fee review.
  • Additional services available to be paid for over and above the fee.
  • Rights and obligations of the service user and the registered provider and who is liable if there is a breach of contract.
  • Terms and conditions of occupancy, including period of notice for the type of placement - residential intermediate or respite care.

The Woodlands Care Home Agreement can be viewed by clicking here.

Needs assessment and admission criteria

For all persons making application for residency, Woodlands conducts an assessment of their needs to establish that the Woodlands and the staff are able to accommodate and care for the applicant safely.

The assessment of needs are carried out by the Manager or designated deputy against written criteria, which are provided to applicants as part of the application information pack.

Personal care needs are assessed for applicants for residential and respite.

Service user plan of care

At the time of a new service user's admission to the home, we work with the service user, and their friend, relative or representative, to draw up a written plan of the care we will aim to provide and any necessary risk assessments.

These plans include a social history and any relevant medical history together with preferences, likes and dislikes of the service user in all aspects of their daily living, personal goals and aspirations and preferred activities.

There is a frequent review of each service user's plan by the Manager and the assigned Key Worker, setting out whatever changes have occurred and need to occur in future. From time to time further assessments of elements of the service user's needs are required to ensure that the care we are providing is relevant to helping the service user achieve their full potential.

Administration of medication

Medication is administered in accordance with the policy and procedure either by specifically trained staff or by the service user themselves following an assessment of their ability to manage the procedure.

Woodlands Residential Care Home is registered by Care Quality Commission (CQC)