Our Values

The core values that underpin the mission and the provision of services at Woodlands Care Home are manifest in the physical, emotional and spiritual support offered to residents.

At Woodlands we are very proud of our values - they underpin everything we stand for when dealing with your loved one. We're passionate about providing our residents the highest standard of living available to them.

Our Statement of Purpose can be viewed by clicking here.

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Residents are afforded privacy to live their lives with the least interference and where assistance and services are required staff introduce themselves and knock before entering the room and when entering bathrooms and toilets.
All residents are offered keys to their room if they so desire.


Where personal care is required residents are assisted in private away from other residents and visitors, and in a way which minimises the residents exposure and vulnerability.
When addressing a resident the staff ensure that they are approached and communicated with in a manner which optimises their ability to understand (i.e. hearing aid is on, noise is minimised, personal information is not shared publicly).
All residents are addressed in their preferred manner. Residents are spoken to and provided with services which respect their beliefs and their rights.


Room to live and move within an environment geared to provide safeguard for those times when needed. Woodlands offer a level of unobtrusive security that ensures that a resident can live without the feel of being institutionalised but yet confident that their safety is being adequately considered.


Residents are equipped and encouraged and assisted to carry out as much as possible for themselves and where they are unable to carry out a particular task or function that they are involved in the management of it.


Residents are given choices in as many aspects of their life and the services offered to them as is possible – in terms of style timing and personnel involved.


Helping residents to participate as fully and diversely as they wish in religious observance and any other areas of association, to celebrate meaningful anniversaries and other festivals and to specify how their death is, in due course, to be dealt with.
Taking special effort to understand and respond to the wish of any resident to participate in any minority-interest event or activity.
Encouraging residents to entertain relatives, friends and others and ensuring that the home provides welcoming and where appropriate private facilities for such visitors.

Civil rights

Ensuring that residents face no impediment if wishing to exercise their right to vote in elections.
Encouraging residents to use health services in all ways appropriate to their medical, nursing and therapeutic needs.

Focus on residents

We want everything we do in the home to be driven by the needs, abilities and aspirations of our residents, not by staff, management or any other group. We recognise how easily this focus can slip and we will remain vigilant to ensure that the facilities, resources, policies, activities and services of the home remain resident-centred.

Consultation with residents

We try to consult residents and relatives as fully as possible about how the operation of the home and the care provided. In particular, we regularly solicit feedback from residents through group discussions and user satisfaction questionnaires.

Woodlands Residential Care Home is registered by Care Quality Commission (CQC)