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Our home is divided up into distinct areas to make the home as relaxed an environment as possible.
We have areas which are communal where the residents are able to mix and develop friendships with the other residents such as, the lounge, dinning area and garden.

There are also private spaces where residents can enjoy a bit of privacy if they so wish.

To add to the pleasant feel within the home, we operate a no smoking policy throughout.

The environment

The physical environment of the home is designed for residents' convenience and comfort. In particular, we will do the following:

  • Maintain the buildings and grounds in a safe condition.
  • Make detailed arrangements for the communal areas of the home to be safe and comfortable.
  • Supply toilet, washing and bathing facilities suitable for our residents.
  • Arrange for specialist equipment to be available to maximise residents’ independence.
  • Provide individual accommodation, which at least meets the National Minimum CSCI Standards.
  • See that residents have safe, comfortable bedrooms, with their own possessions around them.
  • Ensure that the premises are kept clean, hygienic and work to eliminate unpleasant odours, with systems in place to control the spread of infection.



The main kitchen adjoins the dining room and is equipped in accordance with the requirements of environmental health food hygiene regulations. The home has a food hygiene rating of 5 which is excellent and awarded by the London Borough of Hillingdon.


Personal laundry is provided free of charge, the laundry is equipped with a large capacity washing machine with sluicing capability and a dryer. All laundry is washed at 95 degrees which stops the risk of cross contamination or infections. Dry Cleaning can be arranged privately through local facilities.

Toilets and baths

There are toilets and baths on every floor including a mechanical parker bath on the ground floor for the benefit of the residents who are more dependant. These are fitted with a personal call system in case of emergency.
The home conforms to all relevant government guidance on promoting and protecting the health, safety and welfare of residents and staff.

Woodlands Residential Care Home is registered by Care Quality Commission (CQC)